Unified Communications

Digital workplace environments continue to become more and more popular for companies across the globe. End users and employees appreciate the ability to work with each other while still having the tools to collaborate in the workplace from afar. As the demand for such technologies in the workforce continues to rise, new collaboration tool offerings continue to expand to meet the need.

In today’s digital work, employees need to share information quickly and efficiently. They need the capability and tools to work from any where and anytime. In order for this to be successful, businesses must ensure the necessary collaboration and communication platforms are available in order to get the work done. Here at Cleartec, we can advise, design and provide the perfect collaboration platform for your business to thrive.

Why digital workspaces and collaboration go hand in hand

An organization relies on communication for many tasks. When there is a project or any task that requires multiple workers, collaboration is heavily relied on. This is even more true when a digital workplace is at play. While employees can’t be in the same location, it becomes even more essential for them to have the appropriate tools to continue to collaborate and work together as a team.

Document sharing, video conferences, and other workforce collaboration application options are designed to accommodate teamwork in a world where the workplace is spread out to varying locations including at home or on the move, with no compromise on productivity.

Collaboration is essential so that information can be shared and access to data is quick and in real time. With collaboration platform applications, teams have a place to come together and share information on a company level, with company knowledge and insight available.

Without collaboration, you have a transformation from joint efficiency to lack of information and communication, leading to potential loss of customers as well as security and efficiency.

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Unified Communication Services (UCaaS)

Communication technologies are now critical infrastructure, central to every business model.

UCaaS streamlines operations, giving IT resources the ability to tackle once tedious tasks with the click of a button, freeing up bandwidth for higher level concerns. Sales teams are acting with more precision, since UCaaS integration with CRMs enables more efficient interactions with prospects and existing customers. ERP applications can integrate with UCaaS solutions too, so Finance departments are able to see and act on information quicker and more efficiently.

 When voice and telephony are integrated with conferencing, email, and instant messaging, little efficiencies emerge in every interaction. Those efficiencies may seem of small importance individually but ultimately translate into a more efficient and more unified

Contact Centre Services (CCaaS)

CCaaS has reinvented customer care and changed consumers’ expectations. In every industry, organisations that rely on legacy technologies will fail to meet those expectations and be left behind as clients shift to competitors who provide preferred channels of communication, such as web chat and SMS.

With every day that passes, the contact center takes on increasing strategic importance due to its great bearing on customer satisfaction, retention, and sales growth.

Decrease time spent on patching, upgrades, and application refreshes. Minimize soft costs. Increase the efficiency of internal communications. Track agent performance. Integrate ticketing with your PBX. Don’t let an outdated phone system or contact center stand in the way of your company’s KPIs.

What is UCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a delivery model in which PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and collaboration applications and services are outsourced to a third-party provider and delivered over an IP network, typically the public Internet. It’s being driven by growing desire to eliminate onsite hardware that require maintenance contracts and ongoing management costs, as well as a great need for redundancy to mitigate costly outages. It enables a uniform telephony experience for all users, regardless of location, due to the availability of affordable bandwidth.

It’s integration with every day platforms such as Microsoft teams has become even more popular in recent times and will continue to evolve as we adopt more flexible working environments.

What is CCaaS?

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) delivers call and contact center functions and capabilities as a service paid via monthly subscription model. CCaaS features include inbound and outbound communication channels such as voice, email, web chat and social media integration, as well as robust reporting capabilities to measure agent productivity and schedule forecasting. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are rapidly becoming a core component of next-generation contact centers to enhance customer service by providing quick answers to FAQ without needing a live agent.

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Creating your Digital Workplace

The initial workspace design is perhaps the most challenging part. It requires a vision for true collaboration and an appetite for constructive change throughout the organisation.

The first questions is often, where do we start? The answer to that is simple; With one small step. There needs to be an understanding that this is a journey and Digital Transformation doesn’t happen over night. It takes time to change the way an organisation operates and communicates and without the correct infrastructure and understanding of processes, the entire model can fall short of expectations. This is why partnering with the right technology partner is critical to a business success or failure. Only when the right partnership is in place, can an organisation truly achieve all the benefits and success that a Digital Transformation can bring.

If you would like to see what your journey looks like, then Cleartec can help.

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