Security Operations

The need for cybersecurity protection and monitoring has increased exponentially over the last decade as more business functions are brought online, and the cloud has overtaken traditional infrastructure-based on-site.  

Having cybersecurity solutions in place will help a business to identify threats from across your network, but commonly, they won’t give businesses a comprehensive picture of their network. Businesses recognized the importance of investing in antivirus, anti-spam, firewalls, DNS security, multi-factor authentication, etc. 

Businesses can identify threats but don’t have the resources in place to actively manage all the logs from across all security platforms. That’s the role a Security Operations Centre (SOC) can play.  

At Cleartec, we help our clients bridge this security gap with our SOC-as-a-Service. We provide the infrastructure and expertise that our clients need for security visibility.

What SOCaaS with Cleartec can provide

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Benefits of Cleartec’s SOC-as-a-Service

Some of the major benefits of a SOCaaS with Cleartec include:

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Each client has specific needs and we always look to build a bespoke solution that works for the client. The first step is to have a conversation about your current infrastructure, the data you have available and to identify the gaps that a SOCaaS can deliver. Contact our team today to book a consultation call and explore how Cleartec can deliver you the benefits of SOCaaS.

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