Hybrid Infrastructure

A hybrid infrastructure utilises solutions that include cloud infrastructure tools in combination with on-premise legacy infrastructure, or adopting a multi-cloud of both private and public cloud environments. At Cleartec, we help clients unpack the multitude of options available and devise a infrastructure strategy that can harness the benefits of hybrid infrastructure.

What is a Hybrid Infrastructure?

Hybrid infrastructure is fairly self explanatory. Hybrid means incorporating the cloud into an existing on-premises legacy environment. Combining data centres on-premise solutions, private cloud, and public cloud into one overriding strategy. The make up of the environment will vary depending on the needs and technology demands placed on a business, however it’s the utilization of the cloud within a more traditional environment, to essentially take advantages of both solutions, that will make it a hybrid infrastructure.

Private Cloud

Private cloud infrastructures utilize a public cloud-like environment that is isolated to one user in order to maintain privacy. The private options use an IP subnet combined with some sort of encryption or VLAN for added security. There is an added layer of isolation between simply the cloud itself and the privacy data, utilizing a secure data connection to achieve a private interface.

There are several cloud infrastructure services with private solutions out there, Cleartec can align you with the best vendor that will meet all your requirements and business objectives.

Public Cloud

Public cloud infrastructure services do not mean that everyone can access your cloud. This ultimately means that you are using a basic internet connection to access the cloud and cloud resources. No additional security such as a VPN or VLAN is required in order to access this cloud service. This gives individuals and businesses the ability to store data rather than maintain information on-premises or using expensive storage solutions.

With a public cloud, different users can share the infrastructure whilst having access limited to pre-authorized applications and tools.

There are several noteworthy public infrastructure servicers for Cloud providers as well. These include Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, HPE and more.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud, or hybrid infrastructure, uses a combination of varying cloud types in order to meet their needs. In these scenarios, both public and private clouds access is used. In most cases, a full hybrid IT infrastructure is created by also using an on-premise infrastructure design in combination with cloud solutions.

This utilization could create a hybrid architecture, but only if communication and correlation between all elements of the infrastructure exist.

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Taking Advantage Of A Hybrid Infrastructure With Cleartec

There are numerous advantages to incorporating the cloud into your existing environment and harnessing the power of both environments. At Cleartec, we will work with you to build an environment that specifically meets your needs. However, the key benefits to a blended environment include:

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Why Hybrid Infrastructure with Cleartec?

If you don’t have in-house experience with Cloud infrastructure, the complexity and variety of cloud environments means you need to be working with external partners who can bring those skill gaps and experience to the project that will ensure you create and execute a strategy that is going to deliver the benefits of a hybrid environment tailored to your business.

Cleartec have the expertise and experience of working with all major public and private cloud environments and have successfully worked with a multitude of clients who have successfully migrated from legacy on-site architecture to a hybrid environment. Our expertise and client centric approach allow us to stand out from other Cloud specialists.

For more information about how Cleartec can help your business, contact our team and book a time to chat through your needs and options available, and how we might be help.

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