Data is the lifeblood of your organization. But with more data being generated every day—from the edge to the cloud—it’s more complex than ever to protect. This creates both a challenge and an opportunity. A challenge to simplify and cost-optimize how you safeguard your most important asset. And an opportunity to make that protected data more valuable for your business than just an expensive insurance policy.

Traditional backup appliances weren’t designed for today

Legacy on-premises backup appliances weren’t architected for today’s dynamic and distributed business environment. They are time-consuming and costly to manage. They can’t easily scale to meet dynamic needs. They require up-front CAPEX and costly overprovisioning. And they lock your data away only to be used in case of emergency.

Cloud solutions for backup aren’t doing enough

The agility and economics of the cloud provides an opportunity to enhance how you protect your data. But cloud backup solutions available today are falling short. They are still complex, requiring add-on gateways, and virtual appliances. They can force a rip-and-replace of your backup software and policies. And they are still just insurance, restricting how you restore and use your data.

“An enterprise-grade cloud backup and recovery  service that unlocks agility and powers innovation”


HPE Cloud Volumes Backup delivers a simple, efficient, and flexible way to store your backup data in the cloud. It’s a completely cloud-native backup storage target that enables you to back up seamlessly to the cloud—directly from any storage array or backup ISV—without changing your existing data protection workflows. Backups can be restored on-premises or in the cloud.

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup helps eliminate complexity by freeing you from the day-to-day hassles and costs of backup infrastructure management. You know that your data is rapidly recoverable and safe.

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup helps optimize your costs with consumption-based pricing and ultra-efficient data mobility across any hybrid cloud. And it empowers you to get more out of your backup data, enabling you to transform backup data into a business asset that accelerates development and reveals new business insights.

This is the power of cloud backup done right.


Get cloud backup storage that is simple

You can start backing up to the cloud in minutes with just a few clicks. Just log in to the HPE Cloud Volumes portal, provision a backup target with the capacity you need, and add it to the protection schedules in your existing backup app. Just sit back and enjoy backup so
simple, you will rarely have to think about it.

Move to the cloud without changing your backup workflows

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup delivers seamless, plug-and-play cloud backup storage for your favorite backup app. Any data source on any array from any vendor can use the service via major backup ISVs such as Commvault, Veeam, Veritas, and Micro Focus. No plug-ins are required and you can use your existing backup sets, catalogues, and policies.

Boost simplicity with HPE Storage

Using HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC), you can simplify your backup infrastructure even more. You can back up directly from HPE Primera, HPE 3PAR, and HPE Nimble Storage to the HPE Cloud Volumes Backup service, without the need for separate ISV backup master servers and media servers. HPE RMC with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup enables faster cloud backup and recovery with less cost and complexity.

Get comprehensive protection against any threat

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup gives you the confidence that your data is recoverable with encrypted backups that are invisible to ransomware attacks, high availability storage, and 3-2-1 data protection best practice.

“It’s time to modernize your data protection and make it more valuable for your business.”


Reduce your management costs—on-premises and on the cloud

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup provides a true cloud backup service that helps eliminate the complexity of backup infrastructure management.

You can consolidate the protection of your data centers and remote offices with no physical or virtual backup hardware to size, configure, manage, or buy.

Pay as you grow

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup lets you avoid up-front CAPEX expenses and costly overprovisioning with predictable transparently priced consumption-based pricing that matches cost to business value.

Get the flexibility of OPEX without a need to figure out how much backup infrastructure to buy or worries over depreciating assets. You simply pay for the backup storage resources you provision and use each month.

Fast and efficient—to and from the cloud

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup enables source-side, low-bandwidth deduplication, which enhances backup performance by only sending unique data from the backup or client-server to the HPE Cloud Volumes Backup service.

This means 95% less bandwidth usage1 and transfer costs, as well as increased storage efficiency. This smart data transfer helps you accelerate time to recovery and meet service-level agreements (SLAs).

And free egress means you do not pay to access your data.


Recover on-premises or in the cloud

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup lets you easily recover data—avoiding cloud lock-in with flexible restores on-premises for operational restores or in the public cloud for disaster recovery.

Make your backups more productive

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup transforms your backup data from an expensive insurance policy to a value-added service for your business.

Workloads backed up to HPE Cloud Volumes Backup can be restored to the HPE Cloud Volumes Block service to leverage public cloud computing resources for multiple secondary use cases, including testing/developing, reporting, and analytics.

Supporting multiple workloads on a common backup data set significantly reduces costs. With no additional software, infrastructure, or replicated storage, you can streamline data management and increase your overall business agility.

Deliver on your SLAs

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup lets you unlock the value of end-to-end hybrid cloud data protection and delivers on SLAs by complementing flash-accelerated cloud backup with rapid on-premises recovery.

You can easily leverage the economics, agility, and flexibility of the cloud for long-term retention of backup data for regulatory or governance compliance while continuing to use on-premises, performance-optimized HPE StoreOnce systems for short-term operational restores.

Is HPE Cloud Volumes Backup Right For Your Business?

There are many benefits to implementing a cloud solution like HPE Cloud Volumes Backup. The first step is to speak to our Cleartec team to walk through the product and ensure it’s going to be the most optimum solution for your needs.

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