How Can Virtual Desktops Improve Staff Satisfaction?

How Can Virtual Desktops Improve Staff Satisfaction and Productivity During Uncertain Times?

Rewind to a year ago and many businesses were hardwired in their offices. Virtual desktops were viewed by many as an optional luxury, adopted only by enterprises and businesses for whom remote working was non-negotiable. A year on, and not only has the adoption of cloud solutions like virtual desktops increased unprecedentedly, but so has the belief that these solutions can save businesses in tough times.

Virtual desktops allow your users to access their familiar office desktop computers and applications from anywhere. With desktops in the cloud, users can work from home, on the train, or even at 30,000 feet. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for the ‘work anywhere’ flexibility and virtual desktops indeed provide that, but it’s not the only benefit. Virtual Desktops can offer a range of benefits conducive to improving the happiness of your employees:

A Hosted Desktop solution provides Windows 10 and Windows Server desktop and application virtualisation from any internet-connected location. With the full Microsoft security wrap around, your employees can rest assured that they are protected from risks even when away from the office.

Users can also use any device and enjoy seamless integration with Microsoft 365 apps like Teams, giving your staff the office desktop experience that they are comfortable with.

With Cloud Virtual Desktops, you only pay for what you actually use as a business. Gone are the days of paying huge amounts for hardware, licensing, and management, allowing decision makers to invest the extra money in other important areas.

With a Hosted Desktop solution, you can remove the reliance on physical servers or an individual site. As Cleartec’s platform is live replicated between 3 datacentres, you can also ensure that you minimise downtime. You can also prepare in advance for planned maintenance, so your employees spend little if any time waiting for systems to get back-up and running. Less down-time equals more efficient operations and ultimately greater revenue!

Cleartec manages the virtual desktop infrastructure for you, so your IT department can focus on users and applications. You can get users up and running quickly and securely, with limitless scale and fully controllable automation. A seamless, simpler and more efficient process means your IT team will be less stressed and spend less time on draining projects.

With the ability to apply access controls to users and devices at the click of a mouse, you are in full control. A Hosted Desktop solution can help reduce vulnerabilities and instill confidence in your workforce that they are protected against cyber threats at a user level. Coupled with awareness training on the risks, your employees will be much less likely to fall victim to cyber criminals.

With a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic well under way, it is important that businesses are looking at more permanent and less temporary ways of working remotely. Hosted Desktops can simply and affordably offer a range of benefits to support the happiness of your employees: not an easy task in the current climate. Talk to us today to find out more about your options!


How Can Virtual Desktops Improve Staff Satisfaction.

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