Secure Backup Services

Every organisation, large or small needs to back up their data regularly to avoid losses, stay compliant and preserve data integrity. Traditionally companies backup their data on-premise used tape backup or a form of offline storage as their backup solution. These solutions, however, have significant limitations, are less secure and ultimately are not as cost-effective as a hybrid or cloud-based solution.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to backup infrastructure. At Cleartec we understand the value of utilizing data centres, the cloud, and hybrid solutions depending on a client’s needs. We will help you identify that solutions that will deliver the functionality your business needs, within a budget you can afford.

Working with Cleartec

Cleartec understands how important your data is. Our experience in backup solutions allows us to provide an appropriate backup service that meets your needs. Cleartec’s backup solutions will:
  • Create bespoke solutions because we understand businesses come in all shapes and sizes
  • Reduce costs of internal backup operations
  • Protect and secure data by complying with regulations and working with industry-leading partners
  • Minimise disruption by reducing the time in which VM snapshots are open
  • Specialists in design, supply, installation and maintenance of backup solutions
  • Technical support
  • Data is stored in secure data centres that comply with ISO 27001
  • Provide 24/7 management of the datacentre

Data Center Colocation Services

Colocation uses third-party locations and data centres in order to maintain a hybrid infrastructure off-premises. While many companies are hard-pressed to find solutions on-premises, a data centre colocation allows you to use an outside resource to handle the details.

We offer multiple Colocation Solutions that take care of not just the technological infrastructure necessary to house your data, but also covers things like backup solutions, security, cooling, connection, power, and the appropriate environment. A data centre backup keeps your data secure, eliminating human error while still placing data and backup needs at the forefront.

Benefits of Colocation

There are many benefits to using colocation services. You can even combine a data centre backup such as this with a hybrid infrastructure that utilizes the cloud in some capacity. Many things like IT infrastructure, backup solution, and even hardware failure can be detrimental to organizations. This is where technologies and data backup centres that offer colocation can be incredibly helpful.

Here are some of the benefits of colocation broken down for you.


The last thing that organizations want to worry about is whether or not they will experience data loss or downtime and how they can possibly mitigate these situations. A business with no plan in place and no one to back them up could find their systems down or failing with no backup solution if they do not plan ahead.

With colocation, you have an available source that makes recovery time objective their number one priority. While they service multiple systems and backup a myriad of businesses, they are always available for you when something goes awry.

Colocation companies work behind the scenes to maintain your systems and keep you up and running as much as possible.


Data, backup, and full management console should always be accessible. With colocation, you have supreme access and support. You have a solution where all of the resources and services are fully accessible to your business when it is needed. Data and backup resources are a vital in the event of a security breach or technical issue on premise. Having fast and reliable access to your data is critical to avoid downtime and loss revenue.

Opting for this kind of solution means you can benefit from 24-hour access, facilities across the UK and Europe, a variety of supplementary services and much more.


While colocation services are a physical data and backup site that has your organization’s information and backups at a management console location, the process and servers are extremely secure. These types of organizations are not prone to data breaches, and they have extensive recovery operations in place as well to ensure your data is secure at all times.

Colocation services put all of their energy into recovery, backups, and data operations. It’s a secure solution that devotes their attention and resources to make it such.

The Data Centres have high physical security parameters to protect your office and device needs. They utilize more than one type of access control, CCTV software, staff on location, perimeter fencing, escorted visits, and heavy protection around servers.

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Backup as a Service

Whether you choose to keep your data in the cloud, on-site, or off-site, you still need to consider backup plans for any data. Data in the cloud also should be backed up in some way. Organizations like Microsoft often have backup procedures that accompany cloud services and our security advisors can give you multiple back up procedures to consider as extra protection. Backup as a service, or BaaS, is ultimately a service on the backend that specifically works primarily to backup your data.

Benefits of BAAS

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