Cloud Migration

We provide cloud migration services to organizations that want to take advantage of cloud computing. We can help clients create a cloud migration strategy, select the cloud providers suited to their needs, optimize IT infrastructure, and help with cloud transformation.

Our team of expert engineers and dedicated teams are on hand to help with the migration and modernization of architecture that results in a tangible business impact while moving to the cloud.

Whether you are undertaking incremental cloud migration initiatives, or are looking for a reliable and battle-tested partner for critical steps in your cloud migration journey, Cleartec will ensure that you reach your goals.

Cloud Migration Projects Managed By Cleartec

When a business makes the decision to adopt a Cloud strategy to either replace or compliment their existing IT infrastructure, the first necessity is to develop a cloud migration strategy. Here at Cleartec, we will help design and build this roadmap to ensure a smooth and secure migration, with minimum disruption to users and business critical applications and systems.

Every step of migrating to the cloud has to be carefully strategized and then tested in order to eliminate excessive downtime or errors that could disrupt business productivity.

To ensure a successful Cloud Transformation, our technical team will focus on the following areas and work with you to guarantee a successful outcome.

We’ll work with your project leaders and help coordinate responsibilities and manage the various moving parts as the process initiates. You can rely heavily on our expertise to guide you through the migration.

The concerns of Cloud Migration

There are potential challenges to be faced. While migration is the process involved, we will also incorporate the potential challenges into your overall roadmap and ensure necessary solutions are in place should any of these challenges occur during the process. Being prepared for the challenges will make the process run more smoothly as a whole.

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What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration refers to the process of moving your business’s data, email, and applications to a cloud computing environment.

This can often entail moving the data from a legacy, on-premise IT infrastructure to the public cloud, private cloud, or a mixture of both. We work with a number of clients who recognize that their legacy infrastructure is outdated, unreliable and takes up space. As a result, it often hinders a business’s growth and agility.

Many business elements, including application selections, data, and other facets, are essentially transferred into an environment that utilises cloud computing environment standards to move data centres into a public cloud, private cloud, or a mixture of both where a multi-cloud environment is adopted – Hybrid Infrastructure.


Making the decision to migrate to the cloud is not an easy one, it requires a lot of dedication and planning.  However, at some point, you will have to migrate in order to stay up to date with this ever changing digital world. While there are challenges yet to be overcome, the platforms are constantly improving, and they provide a steady solution to what is a common problem amongst businesses.

Migrating to the cloud is about utilising the resources available and conforming them to meet the needs of your business. They have a beneficial effect as a whole, if you are willing to plan and prepare for the process as needed.

By adopting a Cloud Transformation with Cleartec, you will be guaranteeing the future success and growth of your business. We can provide you with all the tools, platforms and guidance so you can make the right choices.

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