5 Golden Rules for Process Automation Success

5 key tips for every Process Automation

An astonishing 70% of Business transformation projects fail (Mckinsey) & 50% of initial Robotic Process Automation projects fail (Ernest & Young).

Here’s our 5 golden rules for Task and Process Automation success. There are other important factors as well but these are the ones are our expert implementation team feel are essential to success.

Keep your plans realistic

Keep your plans realistic and focus on achieving business outcomes rather 100% automation. It maybe by that a mix of services and automation is a better approach. Consider phases and start with the low hanging fruits and build from there.

Transformation isn’t just about software

Any transformation project – whether Process Automation, Process management or hybrid Automation is about transforming your operations across People, Process and Technology – Not just the latest SaaS offering.

Try improving the process first

Embrace standardisation and process best practice. Automating broken processes is a missed opportunity

Manage the change - from idea to Business As Usual

Project manage the change & transformation. If you don’t have the skills in-house, look for a partner that will support and guide you on your transformation journey with end to end capabilities from creating the initial plan & needs analysis through to project managed implementation and transition to support

Get everyone on the journey

Change can be unsettling but it is necessary to evolve. Even the best ideas fail. Make your transformation a real crusade that everyone can be part of. Gain internal buy in at management level and operational level to avoid internal resistance. Remember your management team wont actually understand how processes work and your operations will be part of your transformed future

Any transformation or operational change isn’t easy but it can be easier using a structured approach to transformation and change backed by experts. Find out more about Process Automation or contact us about your process automation idea or challenge.


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